Email marketing still holds its ground and offers the highest ROI of all marketing channels. But, it must be done well.

This article highlights (11) quick tips to optimize your email marketing efforts.

What is Email Marketing?

Simply put, email marketing is a direct marketing strategy used to target prospects with marketing messages through email. You can use this strategy to announce new products, discounts, promotions, other services, or to keep your prospects and customers informed.

Important Email Marketing Stats

If you don’t know why you should improve your marketing for emails, then you should look at some of the statistics. For example, the email market has an average ROI of $40, which means that you make $40 for every dollar that you spend. Also, email usage increased by over 11% during the past five years, which shows that it’s still a reliable marketing channel.

In short, email marketing is definitely worth your time and money. Unfortunately, not all email marketing efforts deliver the same results. If you are looking to optimize your efforts follow these (11) tips:

1. Keep Your Emails Short and Sweet

Many people will skip reading emails that feel like they are a short book. 

Make sure that you keep things short and simple for your readers. Address the main points immediately and break up your paragraphs into 1 – 2 sentences to make it easy to scan and read.

2. A Single CTA

Adding a good call-to-action (CTA) into your email campaigns can help you drive perfect ideal customers to your offers, deals, and promotions. However, some businesses will try and put multiple CTAs into an email. This causes your customers to split their attention. Make sure that you give one solid CTA that relates to the topic discussed in your email.

3. Clear Subject Lines

Your subject line is the first line that your prospect will read to determine if they want to know more about what’s in your email. 

Make sure your subject lines are clear and straightforward so that your prospect doesn’t feel misled.

4. A Friendly Tone

You’ve likely heard the phrase before, “people do business with people they know, like and trust”. People like to form relationships with companies, especially when a company shows its human side. Make sure that you use the same tone that you would use while talking with friends so that you can make that human connection with your audience.

5. Avoid Immediate Logos

If you think about it when you send emails to a friend, do you drop your logo at the top? No, of course not! 

No one wants to open an email and immediately see a logo. This gives your prospects the immediate impression that you are emailing them for sales or marketing. Instead of leading with your logo, focus on opening up a conversation, and then add your logo to the footer of your email so that you can still incorporate your branding.

6. Hyperlink Your Images

If you use images in your emails be sure to link them to your website, blog, or sales page (whatever makes the most sense for the information you are sharing). Hyperlinking your images is a great way to drive visitors to the next step in your sales process.

7. Your Signature Line as a Marketing Tool

Most people include a signature line at the end of their emails. Use your signature line as a way to announce new products, discounts, promotions, other services, or to keep your prospects and customers informed on important information. 

8. Include Your Images in Your Signature Line

In addition to using your signature line as a promotional tool I also always recommend that you make sure to include an image of yourself. By adding an image, it personalizes your emails so that your prospects can easily see that they are communicating with another human (not just some email “bot”).

9. Preview and Test

Before you send emails out to your customers, make sure that you do a test run. Send a test to yourself, check the visibility on mobile, make sure your links are working correctly, and double-check to make sure your email is conveying the right message.

10. Analyze Your Performance

After you send out emails to your prospects and customer, make sure to look over your metrics to see how they perform. Review your open rate and check your click-through rate so that you can determine the effectiveness of your subject line, email communication, call-to-action(s), and offer.

You could also A/B test your subject line to see which one performs best. Create one email with subject line “A” and then another email with subject line “B” – send half your list “A” and the other half of your list “B” to see which performs best.

11. Consistent Interactions

Finally, make sure that you send emails to your email marketing list on a regular basis. 

If you get a schedule going for your business, then customers will get used to it. They will expect to receive content from you, and it will give them more opportunities to interact with your business. 

Find the right schedule for your business and remain consistent.

Final Comments

As I mentioned in the beginning, email marketing still remains as one of the most effective marketing strategies available. 

Use email to acquire new customers, stay in touch with existing customers, and nurture your relationship with prospects as well.

Apply these tips and you’ll be optimizing your email marketing efforts.

About the author

Hi, I'm Misty founder of Your Marketing Coach and co-founder of Pug Shop Design. I'm a serial entrepreneur, marketing coach, professional speaker, and author who teaches business owners, educators and entrepreneurs how to implement marketing strategies that work.

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