Creating unique content that goes viral on social media isn’t easy. However, creating social media content that engages your perfect ideal customer isn’t as challenging as it may feel if you are using quote images.

If you are looking to get more engagement on your social media platforms, it’s important that you know the facts.

Tweets that have images get 150% more retweets and 89% more favorites than those without (Buffer).

Facebook posts with images get 2.3X more engagement than those without, according to BuzzFeed.

And if you know anything about Instagram, it requires images in every post.

That being said, it’s been proven that posts with images perform better on social media – so, what about quote images?

Everywhere you scroll you’ll find quote images being shared by brands and industry leaders. Conduct a search on BuzzSumo for “inspirational quotes” and you’ll see for yourself that inspirational quote content gets a ton of engagement (particularly shares).

The key to getting the most traction out of your quote posts requires that you have a strategy behind them. Don’t just post quotes you like, post quotes that:

  • Support the mission and purpose of your brand.
  • Resonates with your perfect ideal customer.
  • Show your perfect ideal customer that you “get them”.

Why do people love quote images?

If you think about social media from the user’s standpoint you’ll be reminded that users want to be social when they log into their social profiles – they aren’t looking to get sold to. 

That means they are looking for content that is inspirational, informative, helpful, entertaining, or funny. Quote images deliver content that can check each one of those boxes.

Let’s dive into the (5) reasons quote images can help you boost your social media engagement.

#1 – Quote images are easily consumed.

You have just a few seconds to attract the attention of your audience online. Your customer is bombarded every day with tons of information online. Social media users love quotes because they are short and easy to read so they are more likely to stop scrolling and read your post.

#2 – Quote images provoke emotion.

Quotes are short, impactful sentences that leave a lasting impression and provoke an emotional feeling which adds to their appeal.

Some quotes provoke creativity, clarity, open up the mind to new possibilities, transform the way the reader sees things, or may even provoke an epiphany.

#3 – Quote images encourage sharing.

If you can connect with your audience through your quote image, it is likely that they will share it with others.

If you want to make sure your brand is getting exposure for the quote, you share make sure you include your logo on the image, your handle, or your website – some way that the image can be traced back to your brand.

#4 – Quote images are visually appealing.

I shared in a few stats above the importance of including images in your social posts. It’s pretty much standard procedure at this point to include an image, gif, or video in your social posts.

Text-only quote images do really well, but if you can incorporate a simple image that relates to the quote you’ll likely notice that it will perform even better.

#5 – Quote images can be informational, educational, helpful, entertaining, and/or funny.

Remember, social media users are looking for content that is inspirational, informative, helpful, entertaining, or funny. If you can hit on (1) of these concepts in your quote images you will see your engagement soar!

And (6) reason why you should use quote images in your social media strategy.

#1 – Quote images are easy to make.

The cool thing about quote images is that all it takes is a quote, a simple image in the background, and your logo – viola you have a beautiful quote image!

Do you feel like you aren’t cut out for design? No problemo! Pug Shop Design can create quote images you can share on your social profiles. Check out our work here.

#2 – Quote images help you gain more awareness.

When you create your quote images be sure to include your logo, your Twitter handle, or the URL to your website so that viewers are reminded of the business/brand that shared the content.

Since quote images are so easy (and likely) to be shared, you’ll get more exposure every time someone shares your image with others!

#3 – Quote images help you increase your followers.

This one is simple. More exposure = more chances to get your brand in front of an audience. If they like what they see, they will look for your business to learn more.

#4 – Quote images help position you as a thought leader in your industry.

Whether you are sharing a unique quote of your own, or you are quoting another thought leader you are sharing something personal with your audience about yourself.

The thoughts, ideas, and content that you share help your audience know a little bit more about you and your business.

Be sure to give credit to the original source if you are sharing quotes from other thought leaders.

#5 – Quote images help you connect with your perfect ideal customer in a meaningful way.

This point goes along with point #4 in that every time you share a quote or idea you are revealing more about yourself. The more you let your audience in, the stronger your connection will become.

#6 – Quote images help you drive traffic to your website, landing pages, and offers.

When you are posting your quote images, don’t be afraid to include a link to your website, landing page, or offers in your comments.

Pro-tip, don’t always include a link. When you freely share content with your audience, it builds trust. Occasional links are perfectly ok (and welcomed). But, if you include a link in every post your audience will catch on that your posts are all about driving your own agenda.

Show up and being helpful will go a long way with building brand loyalty and trust.

In Conclusion

So, there it is, (11) rock-solid reasons you should use quote images to boost your social media engagement.

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